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Shale Energy’s holdings are within 3 separate units containing 3 producing Bakken/Three Forks wells, 14 permitted wells, 14 application wells, and at least a further 6 wells based on engineering reserves (34).

Shale Energy's Current Interest in North Dakota

Operator: EOG County: McKenzie
Operator: SM Energy County: Divide
Operator: Confidential County: McKenzie

1. Bakken - Hawkeye 3-2413H Well

This well operated by EOG was completed in May 2013 and has since then produced over 350,000 bo and 550,000 Mcf of gas. Shale Energy’s share of net production has been over 8,000 barrels to the end of June 2014. Approvals are in place for 14 more wells to be developed in 2015.

2. Three Forks - Dorothy 3-27HS Well

Shale Energy acquired an interest in this section in Divide County, North Dakota. SM Energy is the operator and has completed the development of the Dorothy 3-27HS well to the Three Forks formation in July, Initial production has been good with further increases to peak production expected after water fracture fluid has been removed from the fracture area. Further infill wells are anticipated based on existing reserves within the Three Forks and Bakken formations.

3. Bakken - Yauch 03-04 Well

Shale Energy acquired an interest in this section in McKenzie County, The Operator has completing the well known as the Yauch 03-04. This well began production on June 28th 2014 at over 1500 bo/d. Further wells are anticipated based on existing reserves.

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